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Rajan Srivastava 
Welcome to techrajan.com. I am Rajan Srivastava. I am a Digital strategist / Scrum Master/ Project Manager in India who loves to Help Business In their Online Strategy. I have a Master degree in computer application. I have 13+ years of experience in the internet field start from PHP development, SEO, Internet business consulting, IT Project Management. This website is just a medium to share my experience summary with you.

I am passionate about teaching and mentoring and want to share with you whatever I learned in my career. I learned everything from different internet Community, made it real in my experiential dimension, and this is the time to give something back to the internet community. It is just one step towards the direction of paying part of it back to the source.


13 Years back, I have started my professional journey as a PHP developer just after completion of a Master degree in the computer application in the company where I was the first person as a developer. It was a startup. Somehow We got our first customer who had wanted the website in Joomla content management. Nobody as a mentor was available for me to guide. I worked so hard even outside of my working hours and completed my first Joomla project within the time frame. It was the first step to become self-learner with the great problem-solving capability. Thanks to all forum team member who had supported me when I was very new in this field.


In my first Year, I moved my first step towards SEO part of Digital Marketing. I was able to achieve the top 10 positions for many competitors keywords for most of the clients. Later I have given training to some of the new SEO team members. Now I was managing the SEO team along with my PHP development.

As a developer, I have developed content management systems using open source technologies like Joomla, Drupal. I have also developed Giant Enterprise Application using the CakePHP MVC framework using scrum approach. I have also implemented Lean-Agile in one of my organisation.

After a long year working as a Senior Developer, I moved to Project Management as Higher Management had more trust in me. I never let them down. They become the witness of successful completion of many of my projects.

I have also completed my scrum master certification. I was able to work as a traditional project manager using command and control technique as well as an agile project manager.

I am excellent in the project management plan and its execution. Being a technical project manager, I am also good at risk analysis and mitigation plan.

The thing always come in my mind what next?

Not only I have worked as a software developer, project manager but also worked as a technical adviser.

Questions always create discomfort within me, and I start looking for an answer to my question. It is what I usually do it in out of my office hour.

The most important thing is that I am enjoying my work which makes me always passionate and energetic.

A mantra of My Life is

“Life is passing minute by minute; It is on us how we experience and explores by continuous learning and its implementation so that we can create the value in our life as well as in others life.”

I always feel that I don’t know anything which creates a longing to know everything within me. Since I have experience in different dimensions of roles and responsibility throughout my career, I learned one final thing.

How can we up-mix right technology, management and marketing to grow the business?

I have just started a blog posting to share my experience with the online community. It is just a diary what I am learning and making a note out of it.

I have also explored the conversion optimization part of digital marketing.

I can be engaged more extended hour in my work due to my discipline towards life. Every day I do exercise for my physical health and meditation for my mental health as part of my routine.

In my professional career, I have worked in a small organisation as well as the large organisation with the big team which enable me to work as a good team player as well as a good individual contributor.

My Life-long Journey And Lesson Learned