Emotional Intelligence in Professional Life

emotional intelligence at work
Emotional intelligence

To be successful in life in general and in the workplace in particular, it is not enough to have a high Intellectual Quotient or be competent from a professional point of view; we also need to have emotional intelligence. This is based on two types of competence, a personal one – connected to the way we control ourselves – and a relational one, linked to the way we manage relationships with others.

Cognitive IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence
Help to learn new things in this world.Help in taking the right decision in a difficult situation.
Your five senses help you to improve this.It help you to identify your emotion and control it.
Reasoning is one type of cognitive intelligence.Social communication is the outcome of emotional intelligence
Knowledge of outer worldKnowledge of inner world.
It doesn’t help much in your emotional intelligence.Good emotional intelligence helps you to acquire excellent cognitive skills.
Working memory and short-term memoryEvaluate how other feels.

First-time with physical appearance just create right circumstances.

If they were to ask us to list the factors that lead an individual to succeed in life in general, and at work in particular, probably at the top of the list we would put a lively intelligence, a brilliant school career, precise professional skills and probably some factors linked to fate, such as being part of an affluent social class, having a beautiful physical appearance and having encountered unbearably favorable circumstances but you can’t go long enough only by this.

If you are not emotional intelligent, You may lose benefit of your good first appearance:

All true, but not enough. Think for example of a person with an extraordinary intelligence, brilliant from the academic point of view, competent on the job level, but arrogant, irascible, incapable of dealing with other people and managing his emotions: despite his professional skills and his intelligence, we are not at all sure that it will succeed in his professional career. From this point of view, we can say that emotional intelligence is necessary in order to achieve success at work.

Emotional intelligence is a Tool:

Furthermore, emotional intelligence stands as an instrument of which we are all endowed and which allows us to adapt to the work environment and to relate to each other, exploiting some key competences such as motivation, self-control, and empathy. The literature on the subject is really vast, and today the Neurosciences are continuing their research journey to deepen these studies in different fields: from individual learning to the world of organizations, from the social to the scholastic context, from adult learning to that of childhood.

If we are not emotionally intelligent, Our frustration can convert into anger anytime, which can create a problem in our life.

Case 1:

In one of my previous company, I was working with a client, and we had two designers dedicatedly working with us. The client was not happy with one’s design. There was no problem with the design; it was just a designer who was using the guideline restriction given by the client. In her mind, she felt one’s design is better than other design. Without being panic, I have suggested her to interchange design work between them. Everybody has his style while developing the design. After interchanging the job, she was satisfied with both of designer’s work.

Case 2:

one of my Boss in one of my previous company was very difficult to handle. In the initial stage, I was a difficult situation many times by him, and I have started observing that He was foody. Food was everything for him. In this situation, I could be panic and leave the job, but I choose to make him my friend, and I succeeded. It cost 2-3 dinner party for me, and his behavior towards me changed. I know this is wrong, but this is the way some organizations operate. Top of it, I was very dedicated to my work; this also helped him In-front of stakeholders.

Why use emotional intelligence in professional life?

In professional life, emotional intelligence allows one to be a human leader and not just an authoritarian leader who decides everything, regardless of the other. What matters in the company is not just the degree or the training, but the way we behave with ourselves and others. Your personal qualities are paramount. By using emotional intelligence at work, you will:

Develop your sociability :

With emotional intelligence in professional life, you will interact more easily with your team. You can more easily motivate it, convert it to your ideas and associate it with your decisions. This will help you reach your work goals without hassles. The emotional intelligence will also help you to know the members of your team, their character, and their habits. You will interact with them best, adapting to their reactions. You will also adapt your speech accordingly, and this will create team cohesion, fruitful exchanges, and a stronger persuasive force.

Increase your empathy:

With emotional intelligence in professional life, you will no longer be the narrow leader who decides everything and does not take into account the opinion of his team, which when frustrated, will not be motivated to act at your side. You will also take your team into account and respect their ideas, their expectations, and all necessary sections so as to create a unity within. You will have to adapt to others, and everyone will be able to flourish at work and increase their efficiency.

Disseminate your motivation:

If you are a competent and smart manager, you ought to be aware that close deadlines tend to result into bad work output in most workers. A manager who is aware of this and has an emotional intelligence usually plans his time properly and ensures that the work is completed well before deadlines. Also, emotional intelligence will help you express your motivation, your passion for your work. You will learn to choose the right words that will drive everyone up. You will learn to convince your team to follow you, help you achieve your goals, and help you through adversity. For this, you must set the example and remain positive in all circumstances, good or bad, be persevering!

You will aware of your strengths and weaknesses all the time:

By taking into account and understanding your emotions, you will quickly realize that you have strengths and weaknesses. You will develop, fill your weak points, and also gain the ability to count on your team. With emotional intelligence in professional life, you will also have the ability to effectively delegate tasks that you do not know how to do. Thus, you will form an effective team, where everyone has their specialty. You will maximize everyone’s knowledge. In spite of your small defects, which you knew how to make up for, you will remain confident in yourself and show a foolproof insurance that will reflect on your team. You will learn to master yourself.

Self Awareness:

With emotional intelligence in professional life, you will be able to stay true to your convictions, your principles and your values. If your team shares them, they will follow you. Otherwise, some members will leave. You owe them the truth about yourself. This is the only way to create a team in perfect harmony. If you hide your values, the group will explode if they discover it one day. You must play fair. It will be easy for you since you will have learned how to manage your emotions and stay on your own in all circumstances.

Emotional intelligence is a Tool to control:


If you are frustrated due to some reason, you can’t focus on your current task. You need to observe your thought and let it go. It is just a thought. You can see frustration happen when unwanted things happen for a while, such as:

  • Repeated mistakes
  • Wait for a long time
  • Unwanted noise
  • Waiting for salary to credit etc.

Meditation is an excellent tool to get control of your frustration.


We all have desires, and all the wishes cannot be fulfilled. When it doesn’t full-fill, it will come as anxiety within you, and we will have to accept this. Mind without worry works fullest in his capacity. So be mindful or be aware of what is running within you.


Life is not a straight line. It has ups and down. Enjoy your success or a good time, and if the bad time comes, learn from it since it is a great master for your bright future. You can not change the world, you can change only yourself, and the world may start changing around you. Emotional intelligence would thus impact not only the race and direction of a company but also the interactions between the men who work for it.

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