High Performance Food Habit

In my young age, I was very foodie. My intake was mostly oily food. I was an average student. I was not able to figure out why I was not doing good in spite of arduous work. The problem exists within me. I was the slave of my sensory tongue.

When I have started my career, fortunately, I become a web developer/SEO. I was able to sit ten hours a day in front of the internet to learn new technology as well as life-changing habit. Now I have learned which food is good for me which was just by google search. I have controlled my compulsive food habit.

An employee with an unhealthy diet reports 66% loss in productivity, and this was true as a student also.

I remember that as a fresher me and my sister both have given an interview in one of the web development company for the position of PHP developer in Lucknow. The First Day I cleared the first round of machine test and scored better than my sister.

The organisation had wanted one more round of machine test very next day. I was confident enough to clear the test. In the morning before leaving home, I had three samosa which was oily, but my sister didn’t have it. Finally, We reached office and test was started, A burning sensation was started in my stomach, and I was not able to focus on my machine test. I failed, and they have selected my sister for excellent performance in the second round as the junior software engineer. She got her first job, and I was still looking for employment. I didn’t get the job, but I got my early professional life learning.
“Our Food selection is one of the deciding factors how effectively we can use our skill.”

I noticed oily food not only make you lazy but also reduce your cognitive skill. If you still want to have it. Take it in the minimum quantity on your weekend when there is no creative work you are doing.

In India most people watch cricket, and if I ask who is the best performer in the current India team, Most people will agree with Virat Kohl’s name. All 11 Indian players are putting the almost same effort in their practice why are Virat Kohli is doing better than others. And Answer is one of the reason is his fitness.

Virat Kohile reveals the fitness which is available on one of the website.

I am not advising you to copy his diet habits since everybody is different. Everybody has different nature of the job. If we are going to copy Virat’s diet, we should also have the same kind of exercise schedule and intensity.

I was able to change my thought pattern by changing the food habit. Now I am full of life, dynamic and on same time very peaceful. Since my body is feeling light and ease, Outside world’s problem seems to be more comfortable than ever.

As a developer, I had noticed some conditioning which I want to share with you:
1- While working on some complex validation on the web form, With heavy/oily food, I saw more bugs in my code.
2- Having Fruits and sprouts create more alertness within me so fewer or no bugs.
3- I can’t comment on alcohol as I never had it, but surely it has an adverse impact on the performance.

At my home, I have created the culture of eating fruits and green vegetables, and the result is there. I never went to the doctor for any health-related issue for my son from the past two years. He is super active with great cognitive skill. Unfortunately, my parents never taught me this.

“Big no to Pizza or any fast food at least when you are going to perform anything.”

Live food may include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, grains and legumes in sprouted form, fresh juices etc.

I personally like Apple, Banana and sprouts. These all are alkaline foods.

Foods are mostly in the category alkaline or acidic. We should balance our diet by having both kinds of food in a balanced manner.

Some of the companies in India are providing the food for their employee, but most of them fail to identify which food is good for an employee to become more productive. It is vital for any company keeping their employee active and vibrant. Company’s Cafeteria plays a significant role in employee’s productivity. More alkaline food should be added to the cafeteria’s everyday menu to cancel the effect of acidic food.

I know changing food habit is very difficult for some of us. I will share some tools and techniques in one of my next blog posts.

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