Manager Vs Bad Manager Vs Leader

I am trying to answer one of the questions asked in the LinkedIn feed. It is about Leader Vs. Manager Vs. Bad Manager:

Manager: Focus on the Present.

Example: As a Manager, We always think that all Deliverable will be delivered on time and within budget. Right Now How much Productive We can be for my organization

Leader: Focus on the Future.

Example: Out of 8 hours can I use 30 minutes to train my team to be more productive. It is not Mandatory but add value to the organization in the longer run.

Bad Manager: This guy will think about himself. He thinks about how much he can take credit from higher management by asking people to work for more than 8 hours. In the longer run, he can’t survive in the good organization.

Leader: People will accept You as Leader as it by choice of people which you earn over the period. It is identified by a group of people or team member, so it is not a question of good or bad. They are just a leader. You are a leader because you are influencing other.

Manager: It is a designation which is given by your Manager or organization.

Bad Manager: You are a terrible or good manager will only be identified by your manager. His or her performance will be measured.

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