Meditation Benefit In Professional Life

I am writing this post to share my experience with mediation. I am a regular mediation practitioner for one year. As an IT professional, I want to share my experience with you how it creates an impact on my life. Yes, there was a spiritual reason to come into practice, but it was a great experience in my professional and personal life.

First I want to tell you what meditation is not about:

  • Meditation is not fighting with the mind.
  • Meditation is not which you can do.
  • Meditation is not about to achieve anything.
  • Meditation is not a religious ritual.
  • Mediation is not a concentration. Concentration on one physical object is called “Trāṭaka” in Hindu religion.
  • Mediation gives you a relaxation but it not for relaxation.
  • Mediation is not about “no mind”.
  • I personally don’t consider guided meditation as a meditation.
  • Meditation is not a self-hypnosis.

Difference Between Consciousness and Alertness:

Consciousness is all about being aware of what is running within you and alertness is all about being aware of what is running around you. If you are aware of your anger and anxiety within you that is called consciousness and you can reduce it if you are conscious about it. It means you have control over your mind and emotion. You can take a better decision in your life in a difficult situation if you are in a conscious state. If you are disciplined in your meditation practice, you can achieve this state for your well-being.

What is meditation:

  • Mediation is all about doing nothing in your mind but observe: It is tough to do nothing. It is just aware of something without any thought. If a thought comes, you will watch and let it go.
  • Meditation is about awareness of what is running within you.
  • It is not necessary to be in the meditative state in a cross leg position, other posture will also work, but your spin should erect.
  • Different kind of meditations are available. I prefer mindful breathing meditation as it is easy to focus to breath compare to any other thing.
  • Meditation is not a skill; It is a state. I have seen some of the websites which refer to meditation as a skill, but it is not. Skill is something which is related to outward activity such as programming, designing etc. Meditation is the state for your internal world, but one thing is common for both of it is practice. Through practice only, we can achieve any skill or meditative state; there is no other option.
  • In the spiritual world, Meditation is all about looking at your internal world and observe your thought.
  • Meditation is all about going inward.

What Practice I did:

I have chosen two different practices.

Awareness Of Breath:

This is the most natural practice compare to others. You need to be aware of the breath. At starting, It was quite challenging to be mindful of breathing for more than 5-10 second. Now I can easily be aware of breathing for more than 2-3 minutes.

Awareness Of Emptiness:

The state of being aware of your emptiness is tough to achieve, but it has worth.

The personal benefit I achieved:

  • Control on my food habit was the best benefit I gained so far. I am much aware of what to eat and what not to. Tasty food is not a compulsion for me anymore. Now fruits and green vegetables are mostly sitting in my plate.
  • It increased clarity in my mind. Now I have less thought in my mind. If you have less thought in your mind, constructive ideas will start reflecting in your mind.
  • Mediation is responsible for me to create this website. Because of meditation, I can manage my thought, energy and emotion.
  1. Now I am fully aware of where to invest my energy. I am now out of any unnecessary gossip or talk; this also reduced the chance of conflict with others.
  2. Now I understand that I can’t fix the world. Now I am accepting people how they are. I am now composed in a problematic situation; this gives me the ability to handle the things intelligently.
  3. My anger has been converted into forgiveness. Even in the worst case scenario if it comes, it doesn’t stay for a more extended period.
  • Now I am more sensitive towards life. I usually go to office by walk. Now I am more aware of birds chattering, greenery (As I am living in Kerala, It is greener than any other state in India), butterflies fly etc.
  • One of the best thing which I achieved is consistency. Earlier when I started something like exercise, I can’t maintain for a more extended period as I was the slave of my desire and laziness. Now I can write a regular blog post due to my consistency.
  • Food, Sleep, watching a movie was an addiction for me. Now I have full control of what I want and when I want.
  • There was an increase in my attention period. Now I can focus for a more extended period even if the subject is not of my interest.
  • I am now much aware of my inner core. Because of awareness, I can control it up to some extent. For example, if somebody is scolding me and making me angry, I can realise and sense my anger and make it down.
  • Earlier I used to saw life as a problem, now I see myself as a solution to the problem.
  • My attitude of life has changed from complaining nature to accepting nature.
  • Now I am not easily tired; After 8-hour job, I can manage for 1-2 hour for learning and 1-2 hour for blogging.2-4 hour spending time with family.
  • Able to manage a full day with 5-6 hour sleep. Earlier It was 8-9 hour. Now I have approx five extra day life in one month. If you count this way, I will have two-month extra life in one year. Two-month increased productivity means approx 16% more productive in one year span. Suppose your life is 70 year, and from 30 years you start getting the benefit of meditation, in 40-year life span, you will get an extra 80 months which is equivalent to 6 years.
  • tability in the mood, less mood swing.

Difference Between sleep and death is just a breath.

Professional Benefit What I achieved:

  • Now I can learn so many things at the same time.
  • Working efficiently in office along with my blogging initiative.
  • Now I can understand complex problem easier.
  • There was a significant improvement in my presentation skill. Now I can share my idea with stakeholders a better way.
  • I can take a better decision and can stick with it.
  • There is a shift in focus from doing more to doing better.
  • Now I am more conscious about my wording and talk.
  • It increases my creativity.
  • Now I am aware of any emotion (Hatred, anxiety, fear, anger etc.) which arises within me and allow to let it go.


This world is full of the circus. You can’t fix everything, but definitely, you have control to fix yourself. Cost of meditation benefits is just time and results are endless.

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