High-Performance HABIT: Mindset

Mindset is a person’s philosophy for life. How can a growing child develop his mindset? Since childhood what we experienced becomes our habit, believe and philosophy which we may call mentality. A parent can have many children but of a different mindset. I am putting some spiritual belief here.

“Our Past life action determines our present Life. It is the way Cause and effect work.”
Can we break it? Yes, We can do up to some extent if we take charge of our life.

Assume A Student joined the IT team as a fresher programmer through campus selection. The organisation has given the task to add validation in HTML form. He tried for a half day but unable to solve the problem.

What will he think?
1- I am not good in programming.
2- I gave up
3- This is too hard for me.
4- I will never be that smart.
5- This is very logical, I don’t have a big brain.
6- Let’s go to seniors, they will help me out.

Above all are quality of fixed mindset people. With this kind of mentality, A person can’t grow.

Instead, If he thinks:
1- What am I missing in the code.
2- This may take some time and effort. No problem. I will start learning at my home also.
3- A problem can’t be more significant than my brain.
4- I will learn from my mistakes and improve over time.
5- Wow! It is good to challenge to tackle. It will feel great if I solve this problem.

Above mindset is growth mindset. I have seen many programmers with a fixed mindset. Things were never so easy as today.  You have internet, youtube, forum etc. to get the answer to your problem.

Food will also impact on our mindset. If your intake food is not healthy and heavy, Brain will have less blood flow to work correctly.

In return,
1-You will have less interest in your work due to the sluggish feeling.
2-Less Interest means too hard to solve the problem.
3-Now the problem is bigger than you.
4-You will now start making so many mistakes. These kinds of errors will not help positively since they are big in volume.

You can change your fixed mindset to the growth mindset. In the initial stage of my career, I was not good at Math, but I was good at solving the puzzle.
My Mother asked me If you were good at solving the puzzle, What was the difficulty to solve the Math’s problem. Your problem is your mindset, Not Math.
You should start taking the Math as a puzzle. Form That day, I always got good marks in Maths, and that passion changed into problem solver followed by the hardcore programmer. Now I am also able to solve business, website, SEO and Internet Marketing problem. I also have a good understanding of data analytics and how to pull information out of it. It is what I am not telling for self-praise but makes you understand how mindset can change your future no matter what was written in your horoscope.


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