Motivation Is Required To Be Succeed In Your Life?

Through this blog post, I am trying to give answer some of the questions usually asked into different places/forum.

What is the motivation?

Motivation is the psychological reason to act for the individual. Let’s understand it in different people context.

Student: Getting good marks may be a motivation factor for a bright student.
Politician: Power is a motivation factor for a politician.
Businessman: Businessman motivation factor is his sale.

Above motivation, factors are an external factor for individuals. It will affect you, but it won’t last.

You might hear the news that student suicide because of low grade or mark even he was fully confident to get the good grade in his examination. It is an example of external motivation, Politician alleged opposition for booth capturing if they are defeated in the election. My understanding is a politician is the best example of self-motivation. They do keep motivated themselves to work hard and hard for five years after getting defeat in the election as a preparation for next year election. Arvind Kejriwal, Mayawati is the best example of these kinds of motivation.

You Are Saying Motivation Words To Yourself In Your Mind:

“I am the best.”
“I can do it.”
“I am a winner.”
“Today Is My Day”

Waht Is Rationale Behind Saying These Words To Yourself:

It will be helpful for you for a shorter period but not beneficial in the longer run. Let us think about the scenario:

If you have loads of experience:

Rakesh, an employee, starts his day with his thought that he is a best and working on the computer program. Because of the sense of pride, he will become careless in his code and will have more bugs while testing by the tester. It is a example of performance issue.

If you are a newbie at any work:

Above mentioned self-motivational thought is very dangerous for a new person who is trying something. If you have inclusiveness with these kinds of thoughts, there is a way. These thoughts are mind’s impression, not motivation which may be wrong for trying new things. I have tried to make you understand through pictorial representation of definition as a header image and will explain in the blog post when I have time.

Conclusion: What is the correct way of being motivated?

Right motivation comes because of needs, not because of thought or self-belief. In human life, there is a series of steps for being motivated.
This comes from within you and sustainable. If You have a goal to achieve to become a software engineer, You still can make it even all other factor is against you. Your determination an intrinsic quality become your internal factor and will not depend on external stimuli.

I will update the blog post with explanation of header image very soon.

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