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We all don’t have full control over life. Sometimes we choose life and sometimes life does the selection for us. In this process, our identity is our biggest problem here. I will give you my example here.

In my childhood, I was very obsessed with cricket, and I wanted to become a bowler, but my family atmosphere was different. They always forced me for studies. I was an average student who somehow passed his final exam in every standard. Finally, due to pressure from parents, I left my passion.

Since childhood, only mathematics was a subject where I always scored good marks, and I realised that my left brain is better than the right mind. Those days the computer was just started getting recognition in our city. I have insisted on my father to buy a new PC. After a lengthy discussion and herculean effort, FInally, the day came when I got my first PC.

I promised my family that I would become a software engineer with the help of a given PC. I forgot my promise and started playing computer games. I was showing my gaming skills to my relatives, but this was not useful for my family or me. I was killing my precious time like most of the other guys of similar age.

“Time is finite; It is up to us how much we can utilise for our well being”

Unfortunately, my father lost his job, and responsibility came to my shoulder as I was the elder brother in my family along with my younger sister. I was living in a rented house, and we didn’t have enough money to pay the bills. I still remember my mother’s voice:

“If You are excellent in something which is just sucking your energy without any return, if you put this energy and intelligence in creative things, you can create beautiful things out of it.”

Now life had already thrown a big problem at my face. I have joined MCA from IGNOU distance education which was way cheaper than other courses. It cost me around Rs 30000 in Indian rupees for three years. While studying, I have also started giving tuition for computer programming especially for high school and Intermediate. Since I was a quick learner, I was doing both teachings and learning at the same time since computer science was not a subject in my school days.

“Problem gives two choices to people to be responsible or break”

I was able to explain complex c++ concepts at that time to MCA first year student when I was studying in the third year. I have finished my MCA and started looking for a job. Since I passed out of distance education, there was no direct placement available for me.

One thing is good to mention here for IGNOU; If you pass its MCA exam, You would be an adamant person since passing its exam require lots of dedication. It is more stringent than any full-time MCA. It made me the real problem solver. Now I can solve any difficult problem my own. I still remember my Data Structure Assignment, Toughest assignment in my whole career. I can proudly say my entire friend circle are placed in good companies on their own without any assistance.

“Tough experiences make you stronger.”

When I search for IGNOU MCA at LinkedIn, I can proudly see the 9336 results, and these people are self-reliant. Hey IGNOU, You helped us a lot by not giving any career assistance. It made us a tough person in our life. It is 1.6% of total MCA pass out in the country which is less in the number even it is distance education. I swear if you have broken heart and feeling suicidal, go for IGNOU MCA, Death will be better than this.

Hey, Big Companies check this Quora Link before thinking this is distance education. Approx 1.6% MCA of total MCA of India belongs to IGNOU. This data just I collected from LinkedIn.

“The best view comes after the toughest climb”.

The first company where I have started my career was a one-room company, and I was the first developer in that company, so there was no help provided by any seniors. Here I have learned a lot, and I become a self-learner machine. I still remember my those days; We got our first client who was asking website on Joomla. I even didn’t know how to handle the admin section in Joomla.

Those days I was sitting 14 hours a day in front of computers to learn and implement. Now and days people are more emphasising on training.

“Instead of just training if you focus on your practise and application, You can learn much faster speed. You can also get all the information from the internet very quickly so classroom training is not so important in the IT industry.”

Career Progression For Programming Field:

  • If you are fresher in the IT field, execution is most important than reading or learning. You have to split your knowledge acquiring habit using 80-20 rule. 20% time you have to give to your education at 80% to your execution.
  • If you have 5+ years of experience, You should be able to write complex code.
  • If you have 8+ years of experience, You should be able to optimise the system.
  • If you have 10+ years, You should be able to advise higher management in technology decision and the ability to design a complex system.
  • if you have 15+ years of experience, You should know how business interact with technology and vice versa.

One of my colleagues was very famous for doing anything whatever you throw. He was PHP developer in the initial stage, but soon he becomes an expert in .NET entirely different technology.

“The Human mind has an unlimited possibility. We should not be limited using our limited identity.”

Initial assignment was to create a contact us form and PayPal integration. A guy who just started his career for him it is an arduous task.

For me as well as my family bread and butter was dependent on my salary. I had no choice other than solving the problem. I tried almost all the advice given on the websites. In the night I was working on a solution and on day time other than sleep, I posted my question on the form, browsing so many websites and working approx 12 hours a day. I had become stronger in PHP development. One day my boss came to me, asked could you do SEO. It was the first time; I heard the name SEO. I have started googling to understand SEO. I said “yes” to him, and my SEO journey had begun. I was the first SEO in my city. The company got a regular customer for SEO.

One customer asked us could you do Joomla project which is a content management system and he has given his first assignment to me. I was aware of PHP, SEO but not Joomla. The deadline for me was five days. I have integrated Joomla theme into the system from the client. One day it took me to understand how the Joomla admin system and the templating system has connected. The second day, I have started working on it. Those days, there was no mobile platform available. Chrome was not there, only firefox and internet explorer are available to test the UI. Finally, we delivered the website on the final day of the deadline. We got appreciation from the client, and this client becomes our regular customer.

“Combination of passion and effort will give you success.”

I got a job as a Joomla developer in another company.
Now I had three-year experience in the industry and was the first Joomla developer in the city. The company has selected me as I was one who was available locally and they didn’t have any choice.

“Create unique skill within you which is not easily available at least in your location.”

We have worked day and night because of the urgency of the project. It was very hectic. Sometimes I have worked 16 hours day. I have started suffering from a neurological problem, and the doctor asked me not to work anymore in the IT industry which has longer sitting hours. There is one positive thing that happens while working with this kind of company, It made me mentally more strong than before

“Your health is most important than anything else. Health is wealth. A company will not pay you if you are on long leave due to sickness.”

I fed up with this job and switched to another company which was very good. I got a chance to work on a different platform. It made me super strong in my technical skill. Now I was able to say confidently “Yes” to almost anything. I got a promotion as a team leader as I had shown outstanding performance in my review.

“If you stick with what you are currently doing, excellence will come naturally.”

Unfortunately, the company has shifted to Mumbai, and I could not survive in a given salary, so I moved to Hyderabad in a new company. I got a 100% hike as I was underpaid in my native place. It was a night shift. It was a great company, but unfortunately, my health has started deteriorating, and I was not able to work at night even I had a good experience working at night in my first company.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. I don’t mean change the job. Change can be anything in a positive direction. You need to inspect yourself and adopt new changes as per the requirement of time.”

It is not ending. More experience will be added here.

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