How To Become More Productive By Energy Management With Example

What Is personal energy?
To walk even a single step, you need energy. You need the power even to talk. Since our brain uses 20% energy, You need energy for thought also. If you have some bad habit, those habits are a compulsion for you. Smoking comes under that category, and it is tough to quit. To broke those habit, you need mental energy. Determination of quitting smoking is one form of mental energy. In this world, We are overwhelmed with lots of information here and these all the info are sucking the energy form our body. So the question comes in your mind.

How does information kill your energy?
Information does not kill your energy. Over Informed causes a tendency to kill your energy. Ok, this is now more complicated for you now. I will make you understand.

Case 1:
As a student, you will be studying for your exam. In between the preparation for your exam, one moment you start looking at your mobile and start browsing shopping website. You will see so many products, So many products will create an overwhelming experience for you and thought will keep running in your mind related to some of that product. That thought will soak some of your mental energy which could be used in some creative work, but you lost it into your unfulfilled desire. Same applicable to watching the movie. People watch the video and talk and debate on it. It is a time killing habit.

Case 2:
As an employee in the office, you start arguing who will win the next election. It may result in a hot discussion with your colleague. Did you think how much time and energy we spend on this kind of unnecessary talk? Some part of his strength you lost here.

Case 3:
This employee served testy non-veg spicy food in his office. Due to compulsive behaviour and obsession with food, He had more food than his normal dight. Due to this, he will feel lethargic means less in energy and not able to complete his assignment on time. Again some portion of his energy he will lose here.

Case 4:
This employee reached home, and he wanted to do study related to his field but unfortunately there was a conflict between him, and his wife made his mood off, and he could not concentrate on his study.

The important take away from the above story is :
You have five senses taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound and if you control your senses, you can save your energy.

  • Healthy food should be the priority over tasty food.
  • Do not look opposite sex with lustful eyes.
  • Do not indulge yourself in unnecessary Gossips.
  • Do not scold anybody or tell the harsh word. Talk as less as possible.
  • The smell should not affect you from inside.
  • You should be mindful if somebody is telling something against you.

“One feels infinite bliss that is perceivable only through the intellect and is beyond the reach of the senses. After realising Brahman, one is never separated from absolute reality.”

This energy we get from food. We should be cautious with our foods since one way it gives you the energy and another way it can take the energy from you. If you take oily food with a full stomach, you will experience less energy within you. Now food is not only for survival but also for the well being. Food also impacts our thought emotion and energy. Just start eating fresh fruits and vegetables, you will feel a whole lot of energy within you.

If you take care of energy in a certain way, what somebody can do in 8 hours, you can do in 2 hours. Here I am emphasising about the metal complex task where the difference is visible. If you are managing the energy, indirectly you are handling yourself for more free time (Time Management).

You can also reduce your sleep quota as you will be in the restful state. In a nutshell, we have to bring consciousness and awareness at every aspect of life to maintain sufficient life energy within us to achieve a higher dimension of your life.

If you are less in strength, you need more restfulness state that may be achievable through sleep. Some people who are meditation practitioner can recreate their energy level in lesser time. If your work requires lots of hard physical work every day, you will have the free up to some extent to have non-veg food otherwise try to stick with veg.

Experiment And Result: Do this simple experiment with you for one month. Start eating fresh veg and fruits. Eradicate alcohol and caffeine from your diet; You will see whole lots of energy will increase in your body with reduced sleep quota by three hours. You will be more involved in your life.
Along with the above practice, if you start doing the meditation, Food craving will be gone, and veg food will become your habit. If you do the mediation, Your third eye will start opening, and you will start seeing the life the way it is, and none of the worldly desire will be a compulsion for you.

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