How To Become Productive For Longer Period

How do you feel in your office when you are tired. You want to leave as soon as possible in this case, right?. Are you able to focus on your work? Are you ready to concentrate on work with a headache or you want to find the solution for it?

When we were the age bracket of 20-30, Our cognitive skills were on the peak, but year by year it declined. Maybe most of the people can survive in the job at the later stage of life, not because of their sharp intellect but experience in the form of memory. Intelligent people know very well where to use memory or where to use intelligence.

Look at your 5-year son or daughter; he can learn how to operate mobile much faster than your father or mother. I will write another blog on this topic.

Our Lifestyle has changed significantly over the period. We are the most comfortable generation to have ever lived on this planet, but it is reducing our physical activity to a great extent. We have a car or bike to go anywhere even for a small distance. We have a washing machine at our home to save time, in spite of having all the time-saving equipment, we don’t have time for ourselves which is the most important thing for us on this planet.

I have seen people in Delhi who used the car even for 300 meters distance.

God didn’t send us with all these time-saving machines. It is us who created these kinds of tools. We are going far from our physiology activity using these kinds of devices. There is a way to live according to nature. Our body has constructed by five elements of nature. If we follow nature’s rule up to some extent, we would be a good performer in our professional and personal life and can live a full-fledged life.

People can say that they don’t have time. They have a critical project to work on, but my friend especially Delhi people let us do some math here.

I have seen some of the people who work 11-12 hours to show they are swamped in front of their Boss. After 8-hour sleep, you have 3-4 hour is left in your life, and you can say that you don’t have time to do any physical activity which is true also but my dear friend if this kind of schedule continues for the more extended period, Your retirement age will decline as you will be no more fit for work.

Due to higher studies, People start their career at the age of 25, our grandfather started their job at the age of 20 with the proper lifestyle and retired at the age of 65, but with current lifestyle, IT people can survive till the age of 65?

If you see the nature, All the animals who run fast have a shorter span of life, but turtle who is slower and consistent live up to 100 years. The choice is yours. I am not saying to be slower what I am saying to be faster and on same time be consistent. Speed without consistency can’t win the championship. Yes, you can win one or two games but not a tournament. You can get consistency in your performance if the essential ingredient of physiology within you is correct.

People grow not because of the amount of work they do but the ability to perform an essential and complex task efficiently which can’t be achieved easily by mass. If somehow they got a promotion with their amount of work, they can’t sustain the same over the more extended period.

Here is some golden rule especially for IT people, you need to follow to improve your physiology.

  1. You are most important than anything so focus on yourself first. If you are not fit, you can’t be productive.
  2. No need to stay late in the office to make your boss happy. If you are not physically fit, you can’t continue your job no matter how much your boss likes you.
  3. Get the house/room near the office under the 2 km range and go office by walk. It is the way you can be more punctual with your stride. You can also do walking meditation. You will get three things just by doing this activity.
    • Physical exercise
    • Mental Exercise
    • At least you can save your 60 rupees of Auto per day.
  4. The most important thing is your spine should be erect while you are working in the office. If you think you are not able to do this, it means you are less in energy or full of stomach, and both are not good for work.

I will tell you in my upcoming post how meditation helps you in professional life.

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