How To Increase Productivity At Work

Productivity determines a person’s earning in today’s world. If you are a student, Number of lessons learned each day assess your productivity; if you are a salesperson, Number of sales determine your productivity. We earn because of productivity in our job, not because of work. Work has no meaning if it has not any productivity. So the question comes in everybody mind.

What is the best way to increase our productivity?

What to do vs How to do?: How to do falls under our skill. In the software world, All of the programmers may have the same capability, but all of the programmers may not be productive at the same time. What function, what logic need to write at what place determine programmer productivity, not just writing the program. One programmer may have less bug and write clean optimise code compare to other. The programmer can do the more significant thing with less code.

Doing the right thing: Some of the companies complete so many projects in a shorter period, but with less return on investment. Before starting any work, It is essential to have a proper business case with past data to prioritise and accept the project. It is a way to increase organisational productivity. An individual may have so many skills, but he should be expert in one ability which he passionate about during his tenure.

“Key to success is complete most important work in less time”.
“Being busy doesn’t mean being productive.”

Doing the thing right: If we do the things with focus, “doing the thing right” will come naturally. Our physiology will also take part in this trait. If we are physically and mentally fit and focused on our work, “Doing the thing right” will be a natural process.

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything.”
— Warren Buffett

Organisational Perspective: Organization has to focus on the important thing first. If an organisation focus on every task/work, most of them may be not necessary. They will have to increase the workforce to full fill the demand of the task, but due to lack of the return, they may go into a loss, and employee job will go for the toss. The organisation has to create a good atmosphere within the office to make their employee more productive. Appreciate their work, giving reward may be in the form of the certificate. it will not cost anything, but it motivates the employee to become productive

Individual Perspective: We have limited energy and time every day, and it is the same for most of the people. Some people create beautiful things using the same energy, some not. It is us who decide where to put our energy. Some use this energy for worldly desire; some use for unnecessary chit-chat. Some people use it to reduce other people energy. They are time and energy killing machines. You should maintain some distance from these kinds of people. If we take charge of our energy and put it in the right direction, we can create beautiful things.

Less Thought Means More Energy And Become More Productive In Our Work: Most of us has mental diarrhoea. It soaked our energy and made us less productive. Avoid mess with other people unnecessary, it creates negative thought and emotion and makes us less productive.

Food affects our productivity: Avoid Garlic, onion, Chili, coffee, tea. These kinds of food reduce our metal and physical energy. Instead, go for Sprouted Grams, Vegetables, nuts, fruits, honey etc. I would suggest going for organic food like organic rice, honey tea etc. They are more effective and reduce mood swing.

Take charge of thought, emotions and life energies makes us super productive in our field.

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