How To Get Success In Your Professional Life

Development and destruction both is the nature of the universe. Even human evolution is continuous development of human species. Now we are a most comfortable generation with an enormous level of cerebral activity in this world. If you see other animals, they have one straight line path.

Animal’s Life Path

The absence of thinking power, they can’t go beyond it. If their stomach is full, they don’t have any problem. But human life is not as simple as them.


Creator has given this powerful tool (brain) to us to use it and create something beautiful, but we are wasting lots of our mental energy in social media, TV and unnecessary chit-chat etc. We need to balance our lives between work towards our development and worldly pleasure.

This world is very competitive and to survive we are bound to be competitive. You can see competition in the office between colleague or in between sibling, friends and everywhere.

Great things take time to develop. Think about anything. If it is great, there was a process to develop it. Pyramid of Giza or agar’s Taj Mahal didn’t build in a single iteration. It was a series of operation for continuous improvement.

Nobody can’t get success in one or two steps; It is a series of steps of continuous improvement. Let us take an example in our life.

  • If you are an average student, To become an extraordinary student you need to improve continuously in every subject.
  • If you are a programmer, it requires years to excel in one or two programming language. In the today competitive world, you have to learn new things every day.

Word was never the place of fast-changing and dynamic like today. It is essential that we inspect the problem and adapt as quickly as possible to match-up the pace of word. If you see your life, you can find that you are not able to resist the changes in your social and economic condition.

Think about your grandfather; they are now able to manage with the new smartphone. They learned how to use the touch screen for dialling the number instead of dialling round-round on their analogue phone in their time. Your grandmother is sharing the recipes to your wife on WhatsApp.

Big businesses didn’t become big in one or two years; it was a series of steps. See the continuous development in Microsoft:

  • 1975: Microsoft founded by bill gates
  • 1975: Microsoft sells their first programming language ‘Basic.’
  • 1981: IBM used a 16-bit operating system developed by Microsoft
  • 1983: Microsoft introduced the Microsoft mouse.
  • 1985: Microsoft launched Windows 1.0
  • 1989: Microsoft develop SQL server
  • 1990: Become first pc software firm which crossed $1 billion sales in a single year
  • 1992: Company introduced windows 3.1 with 25 million licensed users.

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You can see Microsoft evolve over 44 years and they are continually working on their product. Bill Gates was not only the reason for Microsoft growth. It was collective ownership of all its employee. You can say organisation growth depends on their individual growth. How efficiently the employee works for the organisation. Indirectly personal growth determine the company’s growth to a large extent.

“An employee can grow if he or she works continuously on his/her skills and collective professional development determine organisational growth.”

If you are continuously improving yourself every day, it will not create any big Burdon on your head, and at the same time, you will start getting success in your life.

Continuous learning:

continuous learning is part of continuous improvement. We can improve things by doing two activity.

Learn new things:

People usually say that the master of one thing is better than the jack of all, but it is not always correct.

As a programmer:

Maybe you have started as a basic visual programmer, but you could not stick on it since it is obsolete. To live your life, you have to learn a new programming language to survive. In the starting of my career, I was a PHP developer. Under PHP, I have worked on so many open source framework. I am not saying that I was equally good on all of the open source frameworks, but for me, 80-20 rule worked here. I learned more than 20% thing which needed for development of 80% problem, and it worked with most of the project. Actually, you don’t need to learn everything for any programming language, but the challenge doesn’t stop here for another 20% complicated things, you need to put 80% effort, and here the efficiency in the form of continuous improvement plays the role.

Being A Manager:

A manager needs to improve your skill continuously. As a manager, you need to be:


If you are leading the technical team, you need to be technical to understand and communicate with the team and can take a better decision in your project. So on the technical side, continuous improvement is required.

Ability To Do Root Cause Analysis: 

it is essential for a manager to make the better decision and for that manager has to be expert in root cause analysis to find the source of the issue. This ability comes over a while when you strive for it as a part of continuous professional development.

Ability To Turn Concept Into Reality

As a manager, you have to identify a problem area in your system and turn the problem into an opportunity. All these processes enable the manager to create a concept from matrices and turn the idea into reality. To change something from idea to reality require continuous development and improvement using project iteration and feedback loop.

Decision-Making Ability:

Decision-making ability comes through your knowledge with clarity. Acquiring knowledge is a continuous process and part of ongoing professional development.

Explore And Invent New Thing:

To improve any process or a product, first You should have a new method and product in place. Let us understand it by example. When www came into existence, from that time, it was started growing.

In December 1995 the world wide web had 16 million websites which were covering 0.4% of the total population, and in March 2019 it carried over 4346 million websites and covering 56.1 % of the total population. You couldn’t find any site on the topic. There was a need for search engine and first search engine Archie came into existence. It was a new invention for the world wide web.

And Current Search Engine was continuous development of existing search engine over a while. Google was not a first search engine, but they improved it with consistent pace and became the most popular search engine in the world.

How To Become Available For Continuous Improvement:

Get Rid Of Convention belief:

When we get our first job, we feel this is the end. We have completed our study; now it would be peaceful life. There is no need to keep learning throughout life. It is what we say convention belief, but it doesn’ work in life. New belief says that no matter how old you are and what position you on, you need to keep learning in your life.

It is all right if things are not 100% perfect:

Perfection takes time, and at the same time, perfection has no limit. Think about your mobile; mobiles are still evolving. Companies are investing heavily for the continuous improvement of their models. When the first mobile was launched it was just a basic phone with voice calling facility; now we have a multimedia phone where we can listen music’s, play games, watch video etc. one kind of full entertainment system on your palm.

Same applicable to human life, if you are improving continuously, you observe that in one year lots of skill has been added within you.

Don’t Just think, Take Action:

If you observe, you will find that you have planned so many things in your life, but most of them were never to be executed. If you don’t execute, you will not grow. In today’s world, fast executer is better than the first executer, and this philosophy true is in every part of life. Even Google was not a first search engine; they are the best to search engine in the world today. they are the best executer and they are improving their search engine as a part of continuous development.

Don’t Do Too Much Planning: 

You can’t plan everything for your project or your life. Think about minimal viable action and improve your plan after seeing the result from your plan. Following this process, your vision will be more precise and clearer as days progress.

Identify Your Mistakes And Correct Them As Soon As Possible:

As a human, we may commit the mistakes in our work. It is essential to identify the errors and fix them asap to reduce the risk of the loss.


If you are working on an e-commerce website and working on a coupon system. You have committed some bug and coupon system has started giving 100% discount in some case on Live Website. If this bug has identified in development level, the risk of loss is very less may count as some extra number of hours for the team but if this module release on the website with the bug, chances are very high that company can lose big money.

Question Is very Important:

It is essential that you ask yourself a question can you do better than what you are doing. If you are not asking the question, you can’t improve.

Cultivate Wisdom From Knowledge:

Reading and learning increase the heap of memory. You need to learn how you can use your knowledge in actionable intelligence. If you read any book for any topic that will sit in your mind like a memory, when you apply those memories in action, that will come to your experience as knowledge and. When you analyse your knowledge and create something beautiful out of it, it will work as actionable intelligence, and you will start opening a new dimension of possibility in your work.


Life is not about reaching anywhere; it is about the journey. The same way if you achieve anything in life and become stagnate, it will be a dead end for you. You are blessed with an enormous level of cerebral activity that makes us different from other animals. It is our responsibility to use this power and improve our life as well as life around us.

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