Effect Of Taking Initiative At Work

You want to make sure you are not just existing, but that you are also living. Taking the initiative in life is equivalent to being our own boss. When you take actions, doing what you ought to do and not waiting until you are instructed, you stand out in the crowd. Although taking initiatives has its own disadvantages, not being initiative is worse. I say be initiative and damn the consequences.

It is essential to be conscious of the fact that your being initiative does not make you a burden or a pain in your boss’s neck. You will be a great addition to the business if you can think in ways others cannot. You will be so much sought after if you are someone who thinks wide and vast. You expand your thinking; thinking beyond the norms. That is what being initiative means.

You don’t neglect what you are told to do in the name of being initiative. However, initiation may include not doing what you are told to do but doing better than expected. This means that; if your employer gave you an assignment and you discovered that it would put the company in great debt, then you can pitch it to him. You gain his respect and trust. And he can give you more significant responsibilities.

Taking the initiative at work means you don’t do things the way others would. Your colleagues may see you as too much. They call you I-too-know. They feel you are only doing it to gain favor. Well, if that is the case, then there isn’t much you can achieve. But if you are only being initiative, then you are doing well. Come to think of it, if you don’t think far, who will? There are so much grounds to cover and so much success to attain. There are places you may not be able to get to if all you do is play by the rules. And some things will never come to you if you’re all about maintaining the status quo.

When you take the initiative, you break out of the status quo.

There are so many goodies that come with taking the initiative in your professional life.

You Are Unique:

I love uniqueness. Ever since I was little, I always admired people who are different – in a good way. And I wanted to be like them. Taking the initiative makes you stand out among your peers; it makes you stand out among your colleagues. Your brain is always calculating how you can take that stuff to another level. Your friends are thinking; let’s do it this way. You agree with them, but you are thinking ‘there should be a better way to do this.’ You go ahead and do it! Your style is different; your way is one of a kind. That is what happens when you take initiatives. When you don’t wait till you’re told before you find a way.

You May Just be the Next Inventor:

When you think on your own, you come up with ideas that may later prove to be groundbreaking. Take, for instance, a musical instrumentalist who is learning how to pay the keyboard. He goes to class for every training, but he doesn’t learn there. Because he is so interested in perfecting the art of playing the keyboard, he spends extra time at home practicing. Then he gets to one part of the training he had been taught, and he realizes another way to do that part. He shows his teacher and the teacher is like ‘hey, Raj, that’s a good one. I never thought of it that way.’ See that? The student teaches the teacher. When you allow yourself to think beyond what is in front of you, you might be the next inventor the world needs.

Jobs Get Done Faster

Initiative taking provides you with various avenues of getting tasks done. Jobs don’t just get done faster; they get done better. When your boss gives you a project, and you go beyond the standard way of doing it, you are bound to hit the jackpot. You are not waiting until people show you how to do it. What if the instruction never comes? You cannot leave the job undone. You have to figure it out yourself. And when you can think of a better way to do that work, you might have a chance at finishing it earlier than expected. When you take initiatives, you don’t pass the stipulated deadline. Think about how frustrated you get when you have to tell your children to do what they should originally know they are supposed to do. Now, think about your boss’s frustration at having to tell you everything.

They Look Up to You:

Your colleagues will look up to you because they know you always have the solution. You always have an answer to questions. During meetings, you are coming up with ideas and strategies they never thought of. Whenever any of them need something, they will come to you. You stand a chance of being promoted sooner than your mates. Your initiative taking ability puts you at the top of the list of people to be recommended for higher responsibilities leading to better pay.

Your Employer Will Trust You:

When you are someone who not only does what you are told but also goes a step further to blow his employer’s mind, you will gain your employer’s trust. Look at a scenario where a prominent investor comes to the company needing a professional for a job. He goes to your boss for help and your boss replies, ‘give it to John, he can do it.’ You see; taking the initiative gives you opportunities to dine with kings and queens.


CEOs want employees they can trust their companies with. They want to know that employee are capable of running the company in their absence. Taking initiatives is as important as being competent at what you do.

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