How To Manage Your Time To become more Productive

Everybody gets 24 hours a day or 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds. Nobody can get more time, or nobody can get less time. Time is equal for everybody. So the question comes in every mind.

Question: How can you manage the time?
Answer: You can not manage time! How can you handle the things which are not under your control? What you can manage is just yourself. Manage yourself in such a way that time should match with the rhythm of your life.

Some other question which may come in our mind:
Problem- How to save our time?
Question- Why should not waste your time between 15-25 year age?
Answer: People give importance to the things that they don’t have. For example, the student only gives importance to the time and study when the exam is nearby, and even till last moment, they will not be able to complete their last-minute note. When the result comes, they feel sorry about missing the final chapter. In the organisation newly appointed fresher starts with data entry. As he progresses, he will be promoted to team leader and start managing the team of data entry operator and delegates all his work to one of the data entry operators. Now he starts saving his time for the more important job as the experience grows he well aware of the complexity of the job and able to take the strategical decision. It is called delegation and way to grow further.

Technology (Automation): In today world, Most of the giant companies are trying to automate most of the processes. So an individual is also affected by business process automation. I would suggest to the decision maker think about automating process before going to the delegation.

Procrastination: I am not taking about procrastinate your task when you start instead I am talking about delaying your decision until the last minute about finishing the work. This way you will have more information related to the task.

The conscious approach to have the choice of completing the task sounds difficult to understand?

_insert words of gratitude here_

  1. In the process of creating the artwork, The longer it takes better it be.
  2. Procrastinate your decision of taking a different route in your travel. You may have a travel planner for your visit. Since this is your first visit, I would suggest creating a travel planner first. While visiting you may get some vital information about some places for which you didn’t plan. Change your plan to watch that place also.
  3. Last things are what you have to do is complete the work asap.

So time management has conditioning comes under four steps.

Step1: Try to automate first.

Step2: If automation is not possible, Delegate to somebody else to make you free for some other important stuff.

Step3: Procrastinate your start date: If you can’t delegate, try to procrastinate or prioritise your to-do list. If it still comes at your priority goto to step4.

Step5: Procrastinate your end date: If you are working on any creative work such as art, business or sales related ideas or organisational framework. It requires a load of thinking and data analysis so procrastinate it till the last deadline.

Step6: if the type of task is time critical, never delay this type of tasks such as:

  • Professional: report creation for the organisation for the critical business decision.
  • Personal: Consulting doctor for a severe illness.
  • Family: Being Late to receive your kid from school.

Above are time critical and time-bound also. So please don’t procrastinate it till last moment otherwise some of it can cause for a hefty price for it.

Work-life balance: If you use your time mindful way, The work-life balance will come as a consequence in your life. Let’s take the example:

A task has given to you in your company, and you have started working on it. Your distraction such as browsing shopping website, watching the youtube video, facebook chat so on so forth will slow you down in your current task. You can say that you are multi-tasker, but in reality, you are switching your focus from one place to other. Your productivity will go down, and due to the deadline, you have to stay longer in your office, and it will impact on your yearly appraisal also.

“Don’t switch the focus, complete the job first.”

Time Robbers: Your colleague or your friend may be your time robbers. They will ask you to come on more breaks more than allotted time in the office. You will kill time and productivity because of unnecessary gossip or talk.

The benefit of self-management are below:

  1. less distraction in work means more focus on work.
  2. Prioritisation of work from Pareto principle 80-20 rule.
  3. Increase in productivity means completion of work per hour will increase.
  4. You will get more quality in your job because of more focus.
  5. Discipline is my favourite trait when you respect your time.

Our life has known start date and unknown end date and each phase of life. If you notice, you will find every phase has a different priority for a time. In your 20s you have plenty of time to burn, and on the later stage, we give more importance to it when we don’t have. If you give priority to time from an early stage of life, you will spend more quality time with those things which you like at the later stage of life.

How can you manage yourself?

  1. Don’t try to focus too many things in one time. Here I am talking about two complex tasks. It is not about solving the metaethical problem with a cup of tea instead of writing a computer program and solving a mathematical problem at the same time. If you are doing it doesn’t mean you are multi-tasker but task switcher with less productivity.
  2. Try to clear your mind. It helped me a lot to manage myself. It will save your time by enabling you to be aware of yourself. It means that if you are conscious enough to know how many different thoughts running your head, it will start getting reduce and you will be more focus to your current task.
  3. Try to reduce unnecessary chit-chat, you can start feeling more energy for the critical task.
  4. Create a routine for yourself . if you follow your routine strictly, you will see that you would now more productive consistently. Consistency is one of the big reason to get success in life.
  5. Make great habit in your routine work. For me reading, exercising and meditation are excellent habits.
  6. Plan your Saturday and Sunday for at least two hours each day for learning.What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.

The Moscow method is a prioritisation technique used in management, business analysis, project management, and software development to reach a common understanding with stakeholders on the importance they place on the delivery of each requirement. This prioritisation technique we can use in our daily life.

I have altered it a little bit and put in here for self-management.

Text placeholder (1)
what is most important for now and need to complete asap.

Should-work-Today: After completing the “Must-Work-Now”, we need to complete “Should-work-Today” which has less in priority compare to “Must-Have-today”. We can carry over some part of this task tomorrow.

Could-Work-Today: If there is no task left for “must-complete-today” or “should-complete-today”, go and take it from to-do list which has less impact in your life or business and that is “could-complete-today.”

Like-To-work-Today: This is a task which has less value for your personal and professional life and has less in priority.

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