Communication Activities In Project Management

Communication is a state of exchange the information which can be:
1- Voluntary: Email, Face to face talk, phone call
2- Involuntary: Such as gesture, a facial expression of the person

Approx 85-90% time project manager spent on Communication.

Communication Activities includes:
1- Internal: Within the team.
2- External: outside of the team.
3- Formal: Email, Minutes Of Meeting, etc.
4- Informal: Phone, Chat, etc.
5-Official: Somebody sends communication like email officially.
6- Unofficial: Somebody chats unofficially.
7- Hierarchical Upward: Send communication to Boss or people above project manager in Hierarchy.
8- Hierarchical Downward: Send notification to the development team or people below in hierarchy as project manager.
8- Hierarchical Horizontal: Send correspondence to people who are on the same level as the project manager or can be the functional manager or other project managers.

Communication Skills:
Active Listening: Listening with full attention without any distraction.

Awareness Of cultural and Personal Difference: We should be cautious when we communicate the people who belong to the different culture.
Example: There are no Cousin Sister/Cousin Brother in the US. They use the word only “Cousin”. The ‘Eraser’ is also called ‘Rubber’ in India. But in the rest of the world, ‘Rubber’ is a slang word for ‘condom.’ People can’t understand ‘Lakh’ outside of India.

Identify And Manage Expectation: Understand the Intent of communication rather than words. There must be the reason because of it A person is trying to communicate.

Enhancement Of Communication skill:

Persuasion: This is one of the most critical skills the project manager must have. He should know:
1- How to persuade stakeholder on the importance of the project or functionality regarding delivery.
2- Project Manager can influence the team and convince them for working on weekends in the emergency or the tight deadline.
3- project manager should able to convince higher management to give special status to project to get some discount on enterprise environment factor EEF.

Coaching: Coaching is a part of communication, Project Manager has to do the different level of project execution.
Stakeholder Level: Project Manager can coach stakeholder for budgeting, timeline, and deliverable for the better return on investment.
Customer Level: Project Manager can coach the customer for his requirement to make the project more effective. He can help the customer to categorize project functionality using MoSCoW technique and prioritize it.

1- Must have
2- Should Have
3- Could Have
4- Would You like to have

Motivating: People can be motivated in two ways. They may be driven by themselves in case if work/task is exciting for them. The second way is if their Manager motivates them by the reward like incentives, recognition, etc.

Negotiating: Negotiation is the one form of Human communication where people resolve their conflict with joint agreement. It is one kind of win-win situation. Asking the team to come on Sunday for one or two paid time off is one kind of negotiation.

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