SEO Strategy For Organization: An enterprise Website And SEO

Search Engine Optimization has changed a lot, and it keeps changing. The organisation has to cope up with all those changes because of dependency on the search engine for business and consumer relationship. There is lots of difference in doing SEO for the organisation for your product and services vs doing SEO for your client in case if you are running an SEO agency.

A comparison between the way of working between SEO Agency Vs In- House Enterprise SEO

SEO Agency Or Small OrganizationIn-House Enterprise SEO
Since you are working for an SEO agency, everything (resource/tools) are available at a centralised location.You are going to work with the company’s own product and services. It may difficult to get resource/ tools for your SEO work. For that you need approval on different level.
Acquiring tool is easy for you as you are going to use the same tool for different clients. Getting approval for your tool may difficult as you have to provide a use case to your management.
You will be a single point of contact on a managerial level so the process will be fast.You need assistance from different managers; it may slow down your SEO work.
You and Client only need to be involved in all the decisions related to SEO.It may be a complex process, and many stakeholders will be involved.

Enterprise Organization Vs Enterprise Websites:

If your organisation is big, but most of the business is offline, you will not have much scope for search engine traffic. You can not call your website as an enterprise website. If your site is huge with thousands of products, you can say that you are running enterprise-level websites. So there is a difference between enterprise level website and enterprise level business. If you are working on a site which deals with the manufacturing of big machinery which is helpful in B2B business, this kind of business may be enterprise level business on an offline level, but it will not have an online enterprise website.

Enterprise Organization Example:

Ford organisation will come under the category of enterprise organisation, but they don’t have an enterprise website. They mostly don’t have the transaction on the site.

Enterprise Website:

These kinds of websites are big websites with a high number of transition every day. Think about Amazon, Flipkart and These are a big giant with hundred thousand of transaction per day.A transaction is not the only metric to determine the website.

Let us understand the meaning of enterprise software from Wikipedia:

“Enterprise software, also known as enterprise application software (EAS), is computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organisation rather than individual users. Such organisations include businesses, schools, interest-based user groups, clubs, charities, and governments. Enterprise software is an integral part of a (computer-based) information system.”


Enterprise website also has a similar kind of feature as enterprise software but the site is online, and software is offline, but features are more or less same. A typical enterprise online platform will have two sections:

  • Visible To End User: This area will be visible to customer/end user.
  • Visible To Company Staff: This area will only available to the organisation’s staff only for internal management across the different business unit or functions.

A typical job board usually have a very complex architecture. Below is the flow of data in a big job portal.

Flow Of Data In Enterprise Application

A typical job board usually have a very complex architecture. Below is the flow of data in a big job portal. In the above image, you can understand it is not a simple website. It is an enterprise level application connected to a different system. The whole system comes under enterprise resource planning as the integration of the entire business process. Here all data are interrelated, and there is a flow of these data in different systems you can call it as a separate functional unit.

How Enterprise Level Application Helps Business To Take Better Deceision:

The management can take a better decision using all the report given by MIS software.
What kind of information will help management of job board to take a better decision (Examples):

  • How many application processed every day compared to how many jobs posted every day.
  • How many resumes have been accepted or rejected by Operations?
  • Application received from different third-party websites.
  • Which industry is more profitable and demanding.
  • How many candidates opted online learning and how much revenue has been generated.

These all above information is also essential for SEO analyst to take better decision. There are also different kind of report can be generated through ERP. All the information is available at your fingertip accessible at different access level.

All organisation and businesses have different functions and processes, so there is no one fit solution is available for various problems. I will recommend creating a custom solution as per organisation need. It may be time taking solution, but it will be a robust solution in the longer run.

Enterprise SEO:

Characteristics of enterprise SEO is similar to the enterprise website; it is very near to dependent on the size of the site, not the size of the organisation. Job Board may have more than 1000 jobs in their candidate section, and more than thousand profile at employer section make their whole architecture as enterprise level application.

Enterprise SEO requires proper Collaboration at various levels:

Enterprise-level SEO For E-commerce Website

Need Support From Development Team:

As an SEO, you need to run A/B split test to measure the performance of your pages. Development of those pages needs support from developers. Development Support Required:

  • Sometimes you need to create a new page around particular keywords for traffic.
    • If you are running an e-commerce business, you may need to a customise category/product page for a special promotion with keyword rich text.
    • If you are running a job board, You may need a special page for a particular function and industry and make it keyword rich to target a specific group of people.
  • Website Speed: website speed is also one of the factors in the search engine algorithm. By improving website speed, an organisation can improve conversion rate and traffic.

Need Support From Article Writer:

Content is a king for SEO and a more significant factor for search engine ranking. Most article writers don’t have much experience in SEO. SEO team must provide training to the content writer for keyword-targeted good content.

  • If article writers are writing the blog on keywords which nobody is searching for, It will not give any traffic to the website. It is critical that the article writer knows the keyword research and understand what people are looking for to extract more traffic from the google search.
  • It is also essential that copywriter/article writer measure the performance of the existing blog and tweaks it for more keywords.
  • Optimise the current content according to new trends.

Support From Copywriter:

A copywriter has a vital role in enterprise SEO. It is crucial that your website listing will come under google search engine result, but the most important thing is people will click on your listing also. When people click on the link at search engine then only you get search engine ranking. Your conversion rate determines search engine traffic from Google.

5% CTR will give more traffic if you are in 15th position compared to 2% CTR with 5th position. Copywriter’s job is to create a lucrative copy to attract more click. Copywriter also understands user intent and change content to increase more user engagement, decrease bounce rate etc.

Support From Higher Management:

Taking approval from management about the budget is essential for the acquisition of a new tool or resource. As an SEO, you need to create a presentation about your long-term and short-term plan and expected improvement. You have to think about a product level and give suggestion about improvement to management.

Enterprise SEO Strategy:

As I mentioned enterprise Websites might have thousand to millions of products. It is not possible for anybody to optimise every page manually. Let us take the example of Amazon.

These kinds of websites will have some template for there meta titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords.

Amazon Category Page: TV, Appliances, Electronics

Meta Title Example For Amazon Category Page:

  • Music System: Buy Home Theater System online at best prices in India –
  • TVs: Buy Televisions Online at Best Prices in
  • Gaming Consoles: Buy Gaming Consoles Online at best prices in India –

So formula of title for category page is: {Category Name}: Buy {Category Title} At Best Price In {country} –

Now We can examine their product Page.

Meta Title Example For Amazon Product Page:

  • Sony Bravia 80 cm Full HD LED Smart TV KLV-32W672F: Electronics
  • LG 189cm (75 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV 75SK8000PTA (Black) (2018 model)

So formula of title for product page is: {Brand} { Screen Size in cm} { Resolution} { Display Technology} {subcategory} {model} Electronics


If you are working in a small organisation with a dedicated team in SEO, execution is faster for enterprise-level SEO, but for a larger organisation, SEO executive can only devise the plan after many levels of approvals. If the organisation’s resources are not in one geographical location, the execution will become harder. Enterprise SEO works on formula. The formula they plot specific to product or category page since it is impossible to write SEO content for each category and product manually.

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