Why And When Should A Blogger Have To Use WordPress.com?

I have started my blogging three years before, and it was quite a painful experience. I have hosted the website on AWS (Amazon Web Service) myself using free tier subscription from Amazon, so cost was quite low for the first year. I have used Drupal for my first blog website. It was a very time-consuming process for the person who wants to posts the blog on the site. I also got issues frequently on my website. As a working professional and occasional blogger, fixing the problem here and there on the website and the server took me out from blogging for two years. Blogging is just my hobby which I have started again after moving from Drupal with EC2 to wordpress.com hosted solution. Below are the issues which I frequently faced when using Amazon and drupal combination.

  1. Frequent Crash: Website got crashed frequently for no reason, and I had to restart the apache every single day.
  2. My focus has shifted from writing the blog to fixing the blog.
  3. Spam comment was a major issue.
  4. I got many security attacks on my website.
  5. I didn’t have the time to update the Drupal plugin.

This year I have started looking for a SAAS based content management system. My need was very tiny, A robust content management system with all the essential bells and whistle. It can do a lot more about what is required for now. It has made my life easy. Now I need to focus on my content creation work. I don’t need to think about the server, technology, PHP, MySQL etc. It is inbuilt with this SAAS environment.
I am sharing my website speed score with wordpress.com. It has a fantastic score on google page speed tool as well as gtmatrix tool.

If you are going with wodpress.com, I would suggest you go with the business plan. It has all bell and whistle for a blog website, and you can get some extra functionality with plugins such as:

  1. With a business plan, you can remove WordPress branding. It is essential when you are running any business.
  2. You can get the support from WordPress engineers.
  3. You can install almost any plugin on your wordpress.com website.
  4. Server uptime is excellent on wordpress.com website, and they mentioned it on their site
  5. Even wordpress.com gives good stats about website traffic using jetpack, but for a thorough report, you need google analytics which is available only in the business plan.
  6. You can upload your custom theme or plugin.
  7. It is mobile friendly out of the box.
  8. You can access many premium themes free from the business account.
  9. WordPress.com also provides a free mobile app to operate the website from mobile. It is a fantastic feature as you can write the content from the phone while you are travelling. You can also install the Grammarly tool on mobile to correct any spelling and grammar mistakes.
  10. Assume you don’t have internet on your mobile, you can still write the content on your mobile, and It will be posted automatically when you are online.
  11. You will get SSL out of the box; this is helpful for your WordPress SEO.
  12. It supports Google Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) which speed up the page load on mobile and provide good user experience to your mobile visitor.
  13. You can sell online through business plan of WordPress.
  14. You don’t need to think about hosting. WordPress.com manage all the lower level processes.
  15. There is no need for FTP and MySQL client for any changes, so you need to focus on your content.
  16. You will start getting the link and traffic from WordPress.com.
  17. If your blog is doing good, Other WordPress bloggers can see your blog link in their admin section, and you can also follow their blogs. See the image below. It is a way to have to get more connection in your network.
  18. You can install woocommerce in one click and can start selling your product, and it is free.
  19. WordPress provides backup of our whole website so peace of mind.
  20. I am getting page speed score 100 and 79 on desktop and desktop.



In a nutshell, if you are a blogger and want a simple, clean website to show your writing skill to this world and not looking for any other complex functionality, I would like to say go and signup with wordpress.com.

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