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An Url Issue:

I made one small mistake which you should not do as it is not good for SEO. I have started the blog with date and time in the URL which is not good for evergreen content. If you are writing the blog something like personal development, I should advise not to use date and time in your URL structure and also not mention date and time anywhere in the content, and also make URL ugly. My URL was looking like https://techrajan.com/2019/01/26/high-performance-habit-time-management-or-self-management/

It is a long URL which is not good for SEO. This kind of URL may be useful for news related websites but not for evergreen content. There is one simple trick which can fix your problem.

Go to settings And Permalink and select custom structure as per the image below.

Use “/%category%/%postname%/” for your URL structure. Best Part of wordpress.com, it will take care of 301 redirections itself. You don’t need to do anything extra for it.

I have also installed Yoast SEO which was good and suggest you add it in your WordPress.

  • Yoast will give you a snippet preview of how it looks on a google search.
  • It tells you about the consecutive sentence. the sentence which starts with the same word. It is not good for readability. Please see attached image text.
  • Subheading also improves your content readability. You have H1 to H6 tag for better readability.
  • It will also give alert about paragraph length. Paragraph more than 150 character is not good for readability. See the example below.
  • Yoast also gives you information about transitions word in your content. Transition word is perfect for readability. It creates curiosity for readers to read more and build a relationship between two consecutive sentences. Yoast suggests at least 30% of content should have a transition word. One of the transition word identified by Yoast with a screenshot:
  • Flesch Reading Score: Good score indicates people with 13-15 year age can easily understand the text. It indicates we are writing the text in simple plain English which can understandable by visitors from non-English countries such as India, China and Japan. please see the screenshot below to understand how it looks
  • It suggests about sentence length that occurrence of sentence length which has more than 20 words should be under 25% of the overall sentence in the article.
  • Yoast suggests that not more than 10% of your sentence should be in passive voice.

Other SEO Improvement Area Suggested By Yoast

  • Yoast Suggest you should have some outbound link at your page. It increases the authenticity of information in Google’s eye.
  • Yoast suggests your meta description length should be in between 120-156 character.
  • Yoast will inform you if you miss alt tag for any of the images. This tag is useful for google image search.
  • We should not use Stopword in our slug or url. Yoast has given the resource about stopword,

SEO Plugin which came with wordpress.com has so many issues related to the sitemap. Yoast has better features for sitemap compare to default sitemap from wordpress.com. let’s take a look at wordpress.com sitemap.

Default WordPress Image Sitemap issue

Google has shown error in its webmaster tool. All the URL mentioned above are images which were suggested noindex in wordpress.com but displaying in google sitemap. I got the below email from the Google as a warning.

When I have installed Yoast plugin, I saw structured sitemap without any error.

You will get the advantage of having different sitemap for different content type.

Yoast has two versions free and premium. A free version is enough to start, and when you are used to of it, you can go for the premium version of Yoast. I will improve this post whenever I get time.

If you are running wordpress blog hosted on wordpress.com. Please check my blog post related to seo of wordpress.com.

Hey Bloggers! If you have any question related to this post, please feel free to ask in the comment, I will answer as soon as possible.

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